Fontys Venlo Software Engineering Colloquium autumn 2018

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Agenda autumn semester 2018

Location is always Building W1, lecture room (collegezaal) 1.01.
DateTime Subject Speaker
2018-08-29 12:20-13:05

Willem-Jan Lamers of Accerion
There is an ever-increasing demand in flexibility and robustness for automation solutions for logistics and production automation. Mobile robots and automated guided vehicle (AGV’s) form a large part of these solutions. To achieve more flexibility and the ability to work in environments that become more dynamic by the year, one requires new and advanced mobile robot positioning technologies. The talk focuses on current and future positioning technologies and sensors for mobile robots. Special attention will be given to Accerion’s novel infrastructure free positioning technology. The colloquium will be ended with a real-life mobile robot demo. Which student is willing to risk his/her foot???  

2018-09-05 12:20-13:05 Subversion for newbies
How software professionals manage their documents and share code in projects.
First semester students only.
Christiane Holz c.s.
hogeschool Venlo
2018-09-12 12:20-13:05 available available
13:10-13:55 available available
2018-09-19 12:20-13:05 available available
13:10-13:55 available available
2018-09-26 12:20-13:05 available available
13:10-13:55 available available
2018-10-03 12:20-13:05 Communication Skills for Informatics’ First-Year-Students
Students of any study program have to write (project) reports and to give presentations but how this is to be done differs per domain. During this colloquium, our first-year-students will learn how this has to be done in our study program.
First semester students only.
Christiane Holz
hogeschool Venlo
2018-10-10 12:20-13:05 available available
13:10-13:55 Guide wire, Joanne Murray, details will follow
2018-10-17 Not available project week
2018-10-24 Not available project week
2018-10-31 12:20-13:05 Introduction into the Scala programming with hands on.
You are allowed, even invited to bring your laptop and use it. This colloquium is workshop style and intended for Semester 3, 5 and 7. Preparation instructions will follow.
Daniel Kurzmann et al.,
2018-11-07 12:20-13:05 Nils Heyer, Georg Fleischer, CGI Cloud Native Development
13:10-13:55 available available
2018-11-14 12:20-13:05 available available
13:10-13:55 available available
2018-11-21 12:20-13:05 iOS Programmierung / Swift 4
and Java Programming
Side by Side
Fabian Geldschus,
2018-11-28 12:20-13:05 Security by design.
Mark Burrell, Digital Trust
2018-12-05 12:20-13:05 available available
13:10-13:55 available available
2018-12-12 12:20-13:05 UI/UX-Design

What is a good User Experience and what makes User Interface user-friendly? In this lecture we will present the topic UI and UX and the importance for the IT-Business. We will talk about the general idea and definition of these topics, - good and bad examples -and how certain methods and processes and rules can be implemented in the daily project work to ensure that we provide a user-centred solution.

Caroline Harmuth (Firma: Capgemini)
Not Avaliable, Project assessment week Not Avaliable

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