Fontys Venlo Software Engineering Colloquium spring 2008

Description of the colloquium concept.
Motivation and purpose (Dutch)
Motivation and purpose (German)

The programs for 2007-2008.

Agenda fall season 2008

Location is always Building W2 lecture room (collegezaal) 1.01.
DateTime Subject Speaker
2008-02-13 9:30 How much ICT does a medium sized enterprise need?
Hendrik Schöder, Director GOB
Hendrik Schroeder
2008-02-20 9:30 "The Darmstadt Dribblers:
Soccer Playing Humanoid Robots"
Darmstadt Dribbler
Martin Friedmann (TU Darmstadt)
2008-02-27 9:30 Available
10:40 Available
2008-03-05 9:30 Maxence JEE framework, part 1 Atos Origin
Ralf Granderath, Managing Director
10:40 Maxence JEE framework, part 2
2008-03-12 09:30 Virtualisation (VMWare) Atos Origin
Mischa van Oijen, Solution Architect
10:40 Unix solution (IBM)
2008-03-19 9:30 Available
10:40 Available
2008-03-26 9:30 Performance part I, drs J.M. Borgers
Slides evidence based preformance tuning
10:40 Performance part II,drs. V.A. Partington Slides on Top Ten Enterprise Java Performance Problems
2008-04-02   not Available, exams
2008-04-09   not Available, exams
2008-04-16 09:30 ISTQB- Testing Standard
Ing. H.P. Gooren
Daniel Kraft
Sheets Exercise
2008-04-23 9:30 Developing a ubiquitous web experience
Speaker mr Christoph Rooms, Adobe Evangelist.
2008-04-30 Not available, no courses
2008-05-07 9:30 High-Performance Websites
Philip Hetjens
Philip Hetjens is a graduate of our University of applied science. Philip graduated with flying colours (Cum Laude). He is currently studying in Liechtenstein, but probably undercover for the German tax authorities ;-))
2008-05-14 9:30 Project management at Pulse, part I
Marco Kusters
10:40 Projectmanagement at Pulse part II
2008-05-21 9:30 IT Business & Consultancy
A real world approach

Ingo Bischofs, Tobias Grevenbroich and
Simon Wegert (currently Fontys student)
presentation sheets
About Logica
2008-05-28 9:30 sd&m Projekte und Projekterfahrung
Speaker: U. Jacobs BS,
former SE student Venlo
The presentation will be held in the German language.
2008-06-04 9:30 Working in IT projects - occupational stress,
work exhaustion and prevention measures

Anja Gerlmaier and Erich Latniak
iaq uni-due
Uni Duisburg-Essen, institut für Arbeit und Qualifikation

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