Fontys Venlo Software Engineering Colloquium spring 2009

Description of the colloquium concept.
Motivation and purpose (Dutch)
Motivation and purpose (German)

The programs for 2007-2008.

Agenda spring semester 2009

Location is always Building W2 lecture room (collegezaal) 1.01.
DateTime Subject Speaker
2009-02-11 9:30-11:25 The retail-loop: retail-processes and SAP
Paul Zlonicky Dipl Inf. FH
2009-02-18 9:30-11:25 Software Development for Production Needs
Dipl.-Ing. Georg Ullmann
Andreas Bruns , IPH Hannover

Newletter to "Diplom oder PraktikumsStellen"
2009-02-25   Not Available, no lectures
2009-03-04 9:30-11:25 Available
2009-03-11 9:30-11:25 Applied artificial intelligence for embedded systems
Dr. Ir. Jan Jacobs
2009-03-18 9:30 Part I Refactoring to patterns
Peter van Rijn

Some links on patterns:
Design patterns
Anti pattern
little world
10:40 Part II: Scala, the new kid on the OO language block?
Peter van Rijn

Some links on scala:
programming in scala examples
2009-03-25 09:35-11:25 Modern webdevelopment with ruby on rails
Robert Glaser software  developer
planetactive - an ogilvy company
planet active
2009-04-01 9:30-11:25 Sharepoint
Twan Deibel, CEO Triple A
triple A logo
2009-04-08   Not Available, no lectures
2009-04-15   Not Available, Exams
2009-04-22 9:30 Master course at FH Dortmund
Prof. Dr. Klaus Zeppenfeld, Dekan FB Informatik
Fachhuchschule Dortmund
2009-04-29   Not Available  
2009-05-06 9:30-11:25 OSUM Topic Mysql by Clemens Schulz (Sun Campus ambassador). mysql
2009-05-13 9:30 Git Basics
Ariejan de Vroom, Kabisa ICT Budel, NL
2009-05-20 09:35-11:25 OSUM: GlassFish Application Server
Eugene Bogaart
Sun Microsystems
sun microsystems
2009-05-27 9:30 Consulting at Logica
Tobias Grevenbroich
First hand experience report:
bachelore thesis - before, during, after

Daniel Kraft & Simon Wegert
10:40 Predictive Analytics
Ralf Ollig
2009-06-03 9:30 Project Wonderland: build your own virtual world
Clemens Schulz
Project Wonderland
10:40 Our process:
Phase 1: Give away your work for free
Phase 2: ??????
Phase 3: Profit!! =>$$$

Tim Stoop, CEO kumina
Kumina bv
2009-06-10 9:30 ERP
Hendrik Schröder, (Director GOB)
Tobias Geisler (Consultant, Absolvent Fontys Venlo)
Tobias is also member of the dot net user group Niederrhein

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