Colloquium Fontys Venlo
Software Engineering/Business Informatics Spring 2016

Description of the colloquium concept.
Motivation and purpose (Dutch)
Motivation and purpose (German)

Agenda spring semester 2016

Location is always Building W1 lecture room (collegezaal) 1.03.
Date Time Subject/Speaker Company or institute
2016-02-17 9:30-10:20 The indispensible 14th man
Guido Budziak of
Data ('Big Data') is the new oil of our modern society. This is the result of the widespread availability and use of technology. Every interaction via a computer, tablet or smart phone generates data that companies analyse to improve the user experience and customer satisfaction. What makes data so valuable and how do you make use of data for marketing and communications purposes, and to improve football performance? I will show how data analytics and technology contribute to better football experiences and demonstrate an app - CoachAssist - that I am developing for amateur football coaches.
2016-02-24 9:30-10:20 Available Available
10:40-11:25 Available Available
2016-03-02 9:30-10:20 Available Available
10:40-11:25 Available Available
2016-03-09 9:30-10:20 Quintor on Docker and Kubernetes
Run docker on containers with demo on a raspberry Pi cluster.
Arjen Wassink, Quintor.
2016-03-16 9:30-10:20 Available Available
10:40-11:25 Available Available
2016-03-23 9:30-10:20 Serious Gaming
Ruud Dullens, Blue Tea.
2015-03-30 9:30-10:20 Futurology
Eric Slaats, Fontys Hogeschool ICT en iFontys.
2016-04-06 Not Available; exams Not Available
2016-04-13 Not Available;exams Not Available
2016-04-20 9:30-10:20 Manufacturing Execution System
Erik Reusken, Prodrive Technologies.
Developing tracking and tracing software.
2016-04-27 Not Available; Koningsdag Not Available
2016-05-04 Not Available; Vacation Not Available
2016-05-11 9:30-10:20
1 hour at d-centralize: A look inside a small but growing software company (9 developers, 1 sales/marketing) that does not like to compromise on technical quality. Topics:
  • Live demo's on internal systems showing our internal workflow while developing projects (git/gerrit/jenkins/code reviews/unit tests/e2e tests)
  • Live demo on debugging live incoming requests in real-time on the Google cloud. Inside an actual product serving >800k API requests a day.
  • Our love for Linux and open source.
  • Your questions!
2016-05-18 9:30-10:20 Available Available
10:40-11:25 Available Available
2016-05-25 9:30-10:20 Not Available Not Available
2016-06-01 9:30-10:20 Copaco workshop
Petra ter Wielen, Marc Gijsbert, and Edwin Brood
For 2nd year software engineers.
2016-06-08 9:30-10:20 Verband Deutsche Ingenieure Why is it interesting to be a VDI member
by Harald Sander and Carina Töpfer
Mitglieder- und Regionalservice
Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V.
For German Students only.

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